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Ailyn: Lil’ Miss Mess Monica: Club Chubb Thumping Angelica: Boner Beating Bantam
Mylyn: Goo Gulping Goddess Alma: Petite Park Pussy Jo Ann: Squat Shaved Twat
Cindy: The Tail of Two-Pace Rose: Ungroomed Gash Grab Wayana: MILF Joystick & Dick Trick

Newest filipina babes in action

Rain: Reserved Returnee Rubdown

Some Pinays who have appeared on Trike Patrol over the years seem to leave more of an impact on guys than others. I can’t put my finger on what it is, because it’s not just one type or the other. I think it’s just that same girls have “the thing”. You can’t describe what it is or why they have it, but they just do. Some kind of natural ethereal sexiness that emanates outwardly from them, even across the vast expanses of cyberspace.

Rain, it seems, was one of those Filipinas. We’ve received countless emails and comments about her since she first appeared in that slutty schoolgirl outfit for her Quick Cock Study with Mr. X a couple years ago. So many of you wanted to see her again, and I have to tell you, we really tried finding her over and over again to no avail for a while. Then, we finally did find her but she wasn’t keen on an encore at the time. But after repeated contact and reports of the kind of adoration she was receiving from the fans, she finally broke and decided to return. As thrilled as we were to hear that, she said she would only do so under one condition... {read more}

Ashley: Sponsored Semen Swilling

It’s always good to see old friends. And by friends, I mean girls you’ve fucked before. You see, chances are, if they let you fuck them once, you can probably fuck them again. Simply put, you definitely have a better chance of re-fucking a girl you’ve fucked than fucking one you haven’t fucked yet. While we here at Trike Patrol usually operate on a fuck-and-release system, we sometimes welcome back the sight of past fucked girls if the opportunity should present itself to us.

With that, I bring to you once again, Ashley, from the Tight Tawny Tuckus Ruckus patrol a few months ago. With an LBFM body of such sensational quality as Ashley’s here, I doubt there will be much protest. After all, her first appearance garnered a good deal of praise and admiration from the horn-dog Filipina loving masses out there.

Knowing all of this, Tourist Bob was quick to seize upon the repeat chance to bed this lovely young Pinay when he happened upon her out waiting for a trike... {read more}

Leanne: Plastic Peaked Pinay

Now then, this is something you don’t find everyday. A Filipina living in the PI with surgically enhanced breastisses. It’s really a rare sighting here, for a number of reasons. The biggest one being economics. The majority of Filipinas just don’t have the extra cash to be spending on fake tits. Not that we really want them to start either. I think it’s safe to say that most Pinay-lovers appreciate that very natural look and feel our LBFMs inherently possess. It’s one of the things that draws us to them I believe and it’s doubtful that we want them all running out and getting plastic surgery anytime soon. The last thing we want our Filipina darlings to become are overly done-up imitations of the insufferable American bimbos we have back home. Fuck. That.

But that said, variety ain’t a bad thing every once in a while and Leanne here brings something—well, two things actually—that Trike Patrol has never seen. Mr. X didn’t ask where she got them, but in these rare instances of Filipina fake boobery, a foreign ex-boyfriend and a trip to Thailand are invariable parts to the story. In addition to the obvious artificial chest weight she bore (and later, bared, lol), Leanne had all the signs, both tangible and intangible, of a girl with such a checkered backstory... {read more}

Tan: Chubby little Thai fuck puppet

After hangin’ around getting bored for some time a few days ago, the boys were just about to give up until they seen a leggy, yet short, girl strolling on by. Not being one to let any chance slip by, Mr Naughty RAN after her into a shop just to see what this cat was all about and apparently, the bloke driving the Honda Civic can’t park worth a shit and fucked up the camera’s focus but he eventually talked her into coming to the TukTuk after reassuring the shop’s bouncer she was ok to go with him and paying for her drink.

At any rate, she’s a lovely and chubby little Thai with meat in all the right places, sporting a lovely smile and eager to get to know this foreign bloke a bit better. In Thailand, that’s really all a guy needs to work on as we’ll soon see. She hopped right in not knowing they were off to the hotel but on the way, she was casually filled in and seemed agreeable to such.

Once back at a more comfortable place, we really get to enjoy this Thai girls chubby body. She’s not fat, but soft all over. Her perky baby-phat tits and erect nipples are just delicious! {read more}

Noy: Thai babe’s knack for finding trouble!

This just in from the uhh.. “this just in department”: After shooting the breeze and figuring out what kind of girl Mr Naughty was looking for today, it only took a very short Tuk ride down the road before they spotted a leggy Thai babe in very short jean shorts hanging around a gate at road-side looking like she was seeking some sort of trouble. Already, we could tell she was going to be a fun time for the boys just by the way her sexy thick and soft thighs were caressing her very short and loose-fitting-in-the-crotch shorts! Any regular girl would be driven nuts by a breeze up there so it was obvious that her pussy needed some cooling down for a good reason… because she loves to get freaky with it!

Her English was pass-able (albeit minimal) and she picked up the boys’ intentions right away. Nervously, she finally agreed to go with them once it truly dawned on her dirty little mind what the possibilities could be with such a handsome, charismatic and horny gentleman like as Mr Naughty egging her aboard... {read more}

Am: A pretty Thai that’s “our kind of dirty”!

Guys, meet Am. She’s got a nice playful personality to her, kind of posh looking and has a beautiful face that anyone could love. The boys damn near ran this pretty Thai over in excitement while cruising in the TukTuk when she was spotted at the side of the road. The guys quickly thought of some place she could “show” them how to get to and once parked, came right out with the fabled question. “Sex then lunch?” (in so many words, that is). At first, she refused. I thought maybe this one would have walked off and the boys would have had to go hunting again but he pulled a little trick on her and got her to agree to his requests. Score! So off to the condo with Mr Nasty and Mr Nice she goes!

Once accustomed to what was about to come, Am really seemed quite excited and looking forward to the adventure. Whilst the going was good, the bloke with the love-gun got right to work on her, laying her down and touching her body all over. The smile on this girl, wow. It’s beautiful! Even watching her tongue wrestle our bloke here, it was obvious, this girl has a set of lips that could sink ships and.. as you’ll find out.. make a white man do wickedly dirty stuff in the heat of passion! {read more}

Real encounters filmed in Thailand

Bee: Big boob Thai that loves anal!

Pui: A sexy & sleek Thai stunner

Jar: Sweet Thai holes ajar

Doan: Tight Thai that’ll make ya crazy!

Pla: A tight Cock-cleaning Thai pussy!

Woaw: That’s one fantastic big Thai ass!

Filipina sex diary

Barbie on cam again!

Dear Diary,

Barbie was online again today but this time with 2 of her friends. I think they were all drunk. They were acting crazy-horny and showing everything. I wish I could fly to Leyte now and fuck each of them. Actually, I could do it but Daisy keeps me here now. Yes.. it’s stupid… I know.. but I kind of like her.

I also got a text message today from Rubi, asking to meet again. She stole my number from Laiza’s phone and said she wants to me my gf too! She texted that she loves me “sooooo much”, haha. That made me horny to fuck this little Filipina housemaid-type girl again! I know I can’t do it, though, since I promised Laiza I would only take her girls when she is with me... {read more}

Hungry Daisy

Dear Diary,

Daisy came over again but she was acting a little strange. Complaining about being hungry and about being filmed. It’s clear to me that she needs money. I asked her for a BJ (especially for you guys) but she didn’t want to again. “Next time”, she said.

Everything started off-camera at first because she didn’t want to but later on, as you can see, I managed to turn the camera on and she let me do my thing. I know she enjoys posing. I love her body.. she is absolutely perfect. I always get horny the moment she enters the room. We had a great fuck but then she wanted to go home… see it for yourself at the end of my diary entry today… some real Filipina dramatical acting. 100% real fucking bitch behaviour! {read more}


Dear Diary,

Laiza is doing a good job now. I think she made it clear in her head and decided to provide me with pussy to keep our relationship on good terms. I think that’s a very wise decision. That’s why I really love Laiza :)

So Laiza brought me Rubi today, an 18yo very simple looking girl. She’s more of a housemaid style of girl… and honestly that kind of girl can get me crazy horny! It’s that feeling of a little abuse… yummy! She was very shy at first and Laiza needed to encourage her a little but once we started it all went very well and she really enjoyed it. She was winking at me, air-kissing, oh, I fucked her deeply.. with my creampie as her little gift to take home with her... {read more}